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ChicagOne founder Darryl Hicks started in the rolling shutter business in 1989 with one of the leading manufacturers in the Midwest at that time. After working his way up, Darryl resigned in 1994 to start what would become ChicagOne Developers, Inc. 20 years later ChicagOne is the largest African-American manufacturer of security rolling shutters in the United States.

With the introduction in 2014 of our new line of patent-pending slats, ChicagOne promises to continue to grow and deliver unparalleled service in the industry.

ChicagOne Developers, Inc. manufactures and distributes rolling shutters throughout North America & the Caribbean. Anywhere you install ChicagOne’s StyleSecure rolling shutters you’ll enjoy the best available protection from damages associated with such elements as hurricane impact, rain, wind, sun & vandalism. The versatility of our custom rolling shutters allows them to be used to secure your window, door, counter tops, kiosks, screen porches, outside storage and much more.